Promotion: Stephan Meyer

Narrative identity and contemporary critical theory

Contemporary Critical Theory (Habermas, Benhabib, Fraser) is examined for its ability to offer a plausible account of narrative identity, especially collaboratively produced narrative identities such as post/colonial mediated testimonies. At the same time, an engagement with collaborative auto/biography is used to advance the development of a postcolonial feminist critical theory. The study includes: firstly, an account of the conditions of the possibility of understanding across differences tied to inequality; secondly, an analysis of the ways in which life narratives are employed to enter the public sphere of print and the ways in which these narratives of the self travel between alternative-, counter-, and hegemonic public spheres; and thirdly, an examination of the use of life narratives in struggles for recognition, redistribution and parity of participation.

Key Words: Kritische Theorie, Narrative Identität, post/koloniale Auto/biographie
Studienfächer: Philosophie, Literaturwissenschaft

Promotion im Fach Philosophiean der Universität Basel
Erstgutachterin: Prof. Dr. Emil Angehrn
Zweitgutachterin: Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer