Aim of this project is to generate pragmatic knowledge about the socialand professional qualifications and skills Gender Studies offer, and the demand for ‘gender knowledge’ on the labour market and in higher education. Analytically, qualifications and competencies promoted by Gender-Studies training will be highlighted within the interplay of conceptions developed in higher education and educational policies on the one hand, the employment market and individual occupational trajectories on the other. Furthermore, the impact of Gender-Studies-related knowledge on individual employment opportunities and careers, as well as the transformational impact of related competences on workplaces and organizations will be investigated.

The project is theoretically based on interdisciplinary perspectives within the social sciences, while it will also profit from methods of interpretative social research and statistical analysis. Empirical data will be gained with the help of semi-standardized interviews with representatives of Gender Studies, scientific and educational policies, professionals, and students and graduates of Gender-Studies in Switzerland. The individual occupational trajectories of past and present students of Gender Studies will be based on standardized questionnaires, and will be analysed cross-nationally in cooperation with an EU-funded research network of nine European countries (EWSI-network).

Andrea Maihofer

Brigitte Liebig
Thanh-Huyen Ballmer-Cao
Monique Dupuis


01/2004 – 06/2006