Promotion: Ayşegül Şah Bozdoğan

Die Prospektive Position der asexuellen Körper in der Queer Theorie und die Bedeutung des Nicht-Begehrens.

The subject “freedom of sexuality” has so far been perceived as the “freedom of doing something”. Even though we are familiar with the long standing idea that “all forms of sexualities are socially constructed”, it seems to me that sex-positive arguments have failed to consider that even our bodies and desires are constructed. Thus, we fail to take into account the existence of “asexual” who are trying to acquire the “freedom of not doing anything”. This new shooting asexual movement could thus be considered a challenging concept from various different points of views. Taking into account the processes of neoliberal globalization which need to be problematized, particularly with respect to sexual desire propaganda and the connection to capitalist reproduction arguments, the proposed thesis hopes to reconsider the contemporary debates on sexual identity politics and invisibility struggles, as well as current and prospective post-human sexualities.

Asexuality is a new domain for academia, meaning that my research will constitute new theoretical challenges within cultural studies, gender studies, queer theory, philosophy and post-human studies. By questioning existing assumptions about identity and trying to understand the invisibility of asexuality, my works aim to uncover the significance of this category among other identities. I do not aim to create a new form of identity, but rather wish to use this category to subvert heterosexual binaries and investigate the mutual relationship between asexuality and society.

Promotion im Fach Philosophie an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Palm.
Zweitgutachterin: Prof. Dr. Andrea Maihofer.