Review of the Summer School 2021


Doing Research Otherwise: Politics and Possibilities in Gender Studies


In the Summer School which ran from September 6 to 9, 2021 at the University of Basel, the Inter-university Doctoral Program Gender Studies CH dealt with the topic of Doing Research Otherwise in the field of gender studies. For four days, PhD students from Basel, Bern and Zurich discussed the challenges that are brought about by the feminist call to rethink knowledge production in theory and in praxis. Reflections on epistemologies, collaboration practices and politics involved were discussed throughout the whole program and within the different thematic workshops, panels, roundtable discussion and guided art exhibition.

In a review written by Dina Bolokan, Aysegül Bozdogan, Andreea Midvighi, Megan Kelly, Yvonne Schüpbach, Sabrina Stallone and Anika Thym the panels and workshops of the Summer School are summarized and reflected.

Bild: Elke Renate Steiner