Intersectionality as Critical Methodology


19 November: Lecture and Discussion with Kathy Davis

Friday, 19 November 2001
2-3 pm Lecture
3-4 pm Discussion moderated by Kathy Davis & Christa Binswanger:
4-4.30 pm Q&A Think Tank Activities 2021

Location: zoom
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During the Think Tank Gender & Diversity’s Autumn Meeting 2021, Kathy Davis will hold a lecture. Kathy Davis is currently senior research fellow in the PARIS research program and the Department of Sociology at the VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. In the lecture Kathy Davis will talk about some of the ‘in’s’ and ‘out’s’ of using intersectionality. Several strategies will be explored for using intersectionality as a helpmate for doing critical research, equal opportunities and policy making. In the discussion moderated by Kathy Davis & Christa Binswanger, the discussants debate on where and how they apply the concept of intersectionality in their projects/contexts or possibilities and/or difficulties in using the concept.

After the lecture, a discussion with the audience about the lecture's topic will be moderated by Kathy Davis and Christa Binswanger. 

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