PhD/Postdoc workshop on methods and theories of care with Lisa Lindén

Monday, 15 May 2023
1.15 - 5 pm 
University of Basel
Zentrum Gender Studies
Rheinsprung 21
4051 Basel
Seminarraum U4.002


This workshop engages theoretical discussions and hands-on interactive exercises, to explore conceptualizations and practices of care in, and through, Science and Technology Studies (STS).

Taking inspiration from Feminist Technoscience Studies (FTS) and material-semiotics we discuss and experiment with how care studies and a ‘double vision of care’ (Lindén & Lydahl 2021) might be of relevance for our own research projects and areas. In particular, we take inspiration from a speculative and empirical commitment in FTS care studies to the easily neglected and/or overlooked, as well as to the material and affective layers of our research.

Bild: Lisa Lindén