Anti-Feminism, Misogyny and Violent Extremism - Intersections, trends, and responses


— 25.Oktober 16:30-20:30Uhr kHaus, Kasernenhof 8, 4058 Basel

Links between actors, policies, and networks concerned with the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda, the prevention of misogyny, and countering violent extremism have rarely been established. As a result, very few policy responses to date have enabled the development of comprehensive approaches to preventing and countering violent extremism.

To address this, it is necessary to recognize the political nature of misogyny and anti-feminism along with other forms of anti-egalitarian ideologies; to bridge the gaps between the SPM and P/CVE agendas by linking policy, research, practice, and actors in these fields; and to reconceptualize priorities and funding programs with an emphasis on awareness-raising and capacity-building.

swisspeace, Violence Prevention Network, and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy invite you to an event presenting their upcoming initiative at the intersection of misogyny and (violent) extremism.

This event will comprise 2 roundtable discussions and will be graced by the participation of the Ambassador of The Netherlands to Switzerland, the Ambassador of Canada to Switzerland, the Ambassador of Chile to the United Nations in Geneva, the German Federal Foreign Office, and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, various scholars and experts will share their expertise.