06 Sep 2021 - 09 Sep 2021
00:00 - 17:00

University of Basel

Kongress / Tagung / Symposium

Summer School 2021

Doing Research Otherwise: Politics and Possibilities in Gender Studies

We are pleased to announce the Summer School 2021 for doctoral students of the interuniversity PhD program Gender Studies CH. For three and a half days, we will once again focus on different moments in the research process and the multidimensional questions about the location of knowledge that arise in the process. How do I do research, from which position, with whom, for whom, with what knowledge interest and why? What does this mean theoretically and what methodological questions come along?

In this way we are building on our Summer School Imagine Otherwise which took place in 2016 and the Retreat Situating Knowledge in 2020, as well as the many enriching discussions of the past four years of our cooperation. We want to create a space that enables new doctoral students to get to know our research context and all others to deepen their knowledge. Margo Okazawa-Rey will accompany us during the Summer School as she did in 2016 and various workshops over the last years. Philomena Essed, the visiting professor of the Gender Studies Network 2020/2021, will also participate.

We would like to invite doctoral students to participate in the further preparation and conceptual planning of the summer school. We have a budget for the realization of the event, which allows us to invite additional speakers. We would like to encourage you to also contribute by presenting your dissertation projects, your questions, concerns and ideas! Panels can be in English or German. If there is interest, the entire program will be bilingual. Please contact tina.bopp@unibas.ch or the local coordination of your doctoral program by 10 January 2021.

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