29Apr 2020

Foyer Kunstmuseum Basel Gegenwart

The Art of Intervention, Kunstmuseum Basel Gegenwart

Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung, Ausstellung / Vernissage

Body Flow- Everyday Racism and Politics of Mobility


Roundtable with: Philomena Essed (Critical Race, Gender and Leadership  Studies, Yellow Springs) Vanessa Thompson (Sociology, Frankfurt)  Claudia Wilopo (Cultural Anthropology, G3S, Basel) Henri Michel Yéré  (African Studies & Sociology, Basel) / Moderation: Serena o. Dankwa  (Journalist and Social Anthropologist, Bern)

Whose bodies travel seamlessly across borders, and whose bodies are systematically stopped, policed, and surveilled? Who tends to be granted subject status, and who is methodically likened to movable/tradable goods, thought of in terms of the social and economic value that can be derived from them? This roundtable discussion aims to dissect the politics of “body flow” in its relationship to colonial history, racial capitalism and commodity racism. In line with the international decade for people of African descent, we will focus on manifestations of institutional racism – from economic discrimination and educational disparities to practices of racial profiling – and various forms of othering and s/exotization that impact the everyday lives of Black women and men in particular. We will ask how experiences of everyday racism form part of the politics of “body flow” and the ways in which they are informed by gender, sexuality, class, nation and skin complexion both historically and in today’s increasingly visual culture. Finally, we will address the potential and limits of art as intervention into structural racism in Switzerland and beyond.


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