30Apr 2020

Foyer Kunstmuseum Basel Gegenwart

The Art of Intervention, Kunstmuseum Basel Gegenwart

Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Gastvorlesung / Vortrag, Ausstellung / Vernissage

Black Flow — Geture, Seriality on Minor Life Repertoires


Rizvana Bradley (History of Art and African-American Studies, Yale) /  Moderation: Dominique Grisard (The Art of Intervention, Gender Studies, Basel)

This talk offers a meditation on the relationship between seriality and movement. Specifically, it aims  to rethink seriality as it shapes non-narrative expressions of black movement. First, I focus on seriality  as a compositional and de-compositional motif with respect to black movement repertoires. Second,  I theorize the gestic as central to the abstract refrains of fugitivity, flight, and refusal that attend black life.

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